Community Forum Notes - Wahgunyah 19 November 2019

Around 30 people attended the Wahgunyah Community Forum on Tuesday 19 November to meet with Indigo Shire Councillors and staff to share ideas, ask questions and provide feedback.

The Wahgunyah Progress Association presented a number of issues prior to the meeting, which were addressed by CEO Trevor Ierino.  Here is a summary of the issues and response given.



Payment of GST by volunteer groups – is there any way that groups can be exempt from having to pay this?

Potentially ok for large items but not for quantities of small transactions. Not specific on amount but possibly around $4-5k minimum to justify transaction cost of staff processing the entries (say $100/transaction) s86 Committees only, can’t do for groups outside of council area

Roundabout maintenance needs improving

Basic maintenance works were completed in last few weeks. Council is looking to do more planting in the near term. (next few months) Need to confirm irrigation is fully functioning before we plant given this time of year.

Better representation of Wahgunyah is needed in newsletters prepared by council

Noted. Council is conscious of the need for equity its communities in its communications

Sunday Creek

Meeting held with Willows committee. Council has raised awareness with local MP. CEO would like to work closely with the committee to help them open doors in the water industry. More a catchment and environmental water holder issue

Signage for cycleways needs to be improved. Better signage to link with Rutherglen bike track

Re Rail trail, awaiting Murray to Mountains signage strategy work to be complete before progressing to ensure consistent look and feel along entire length of trail.

Update on the Wahgunyah to Moodemere cycleway project

Funding for construction of Stage 3 is allocated within the 2019/20 budget. Survey work is in progress to help define land boundaries. Construction planned for mid-late summer.

Update on the Wahgunyah Tennis Netball court project.

We will continue to work with the committee to progress this to be shovel ready for grant opportunities. More work needed to be done together.

Directional signage to dump point required (as per previous written requests).

Signs on order, Council will contact Railway Committee to confirm location of sign.

Update requested on speed restrictions along Reserve Rd.

Advised that approval has been granted to change the limit to 60kph

Drainage plan for the town needs completion to support future growth and development.

Council officer (asset planning) to be invited to attend the next WPA meeting discuss.

Pedestrian access required at the bottom of Blanche St (bridge).


An improved pedestrian link across Sunday Creek at Blanche St is a long term goal to reduce the need for pedestrians having to use the road. A concept design has been developed with a more detailed and fully costed design planned for next year. This will be used to help seek funding for this improvement in coming years. The linking section along Reserve Rd between Short St and Blanche St is in the final stages of planning and proposed for construction in Summer, as part of Stage 3 link to Lake Moodemere.

Footpath along Traton street is required as this is currently a significant safety issue

To be discussed further with WPA by Council officer(asset planning) at same time as drainage discussions

Footpath in Barkley St is needed

To be discussed further with WPA by Council officer(asset planning) at same time as drainage discussions.

Weeding on Blanche Street / Traton Street road reserve.

Loaded into Council’s works system and will schedule this for action.


Industrial estate.


Shire wide Industrial Land Assessment project in this year’s budget, will be undertaken in first half of 2020. Wahgunyah will be part of that project

Single point of contact needed for council issues.

Can prove difficult given the variety of issues that may be raised. CEO happy to meet quarterly with WPA in the short term.

That an open forum approach be taken with the Community Forum in November

Both an open forum and breakaway groups at tables was trialled.


There was also concerns raised around bushfire preparedness, in particular safe refuges, fire rating signage into town and the need for more information from fire authorities around what to do/where to go in the event of a bushfire.

Additional issues raised by community members were:

  • Hard waste collection for elderly residents
  • Including Wahgunyah in promotional material, especially when promoting Rutherglen Wine events
  • Interpretive signage along Moodemere Track to recognise the scar trees
  • Speed limits (Clarification sought on limit between the bridge and roundabout)
  • Speeding in local streets, more signage required
  • No Wahgunyah walked were included in the Short Walks Booklet
  • Extend footpath in Elizabeth Street from MacDonald Street to Victoria Streets
  • Missing Street sign on corner of Blanch and McDonald Street

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