Community Forum 17 March 2020

Around 30 people attended our combined Kiewa, Tangambalanga and Sandy Creek Community Forum on Tuesday 17 March, meeting with Indigo Shire Councillors and staff to share ideas, questions and provide feedback.

A summary of the issues discussed is noted below

Roads and footpaths

  • Kerb and gutter – system blocked after mowing and not coping when it rains
  • Coulston Road corner near leaning tree has been washed out.
  • Concern at safety at Huon/Kiewa Road with increased traffic and more cyclists/motor bikes on the road
  • Murray Valley Highway and Kiewa Road intersection, centre is untidy and blocking sight distance (Council to refer to Rural Roads Victoria)
  • Stormwater extension for Samuel Street – is it still going ahead?
  • Footpath on Huon/Kiewa Road needs to be completed, not connected to Kiewa/East Rd
  • Request for an update on Kergunyah Intersection

Rail Trail

  • Can the rail trail be sealed from Ludlows Reserve to the bridge and also extended to Sandy Creek Football ground?
  • What are council’s plans to connect the Murray to Mountains rail trail from Yackandandah to the trail linking Wodonga to Tallangatta?

Facilities, including public toilets

  • Cleanliness of public toilets, in particular Kiewa Memorial Park toilet
  •  Request for toilet at the Tallangatta end of the rail trail bridge, could be a compostable toilet to avoid hooking up to sewer
  • Kergunyah Hall update
  • Improve accessibility at Lions Club Building and update toilets
  • Sandy Creek Hall, no air-conditioning and entry damaged from fires, requires repair

General Comments and concerns

  • Council is tourist centric, not enough being done for local community, especially the Kergunyah end of the shire
  • Placemaking main street – what is next stage, concern at lack of progress. $15K for safer roads project - where was it spent, only dots on roads
  • Tangambalanga Community Active Park – desire for a community garden, ensure landscape architect incorporates community feedback. Some concern the master plan doesn’t reflect the feedback.
  • Glass at Huon Reserve below the water line
  • Town beautification project – temporary structures to create ‘town centre’ but didn’t work well.
  • NECMA land – frustration at long process
  • Green waste – Yackandandah transfer station no longer accepting green waste
  • Hard rubbish – missed by the community
  • Lettering on honour board peeling off and needs replacement
  • Bus stop required near shop