Community Forum Notes - 16 August 2018

1. Topic: Recreation

Indoor heated pool - Health Facilities. Will Council look into provision of this near current swimming pool - available land.     

Council Response: An indoor heated pool is cost prohibitive, however we will raise the suggestion with health organisations.

2. Topic: Library News on old Library plans?

Has heritage value (old tannery).

Council Response: The old library building is currently vacant. Council is carrying out a Human Health Risk Assessment on the site to meet EPA requirements, however the building is available for commercial use.

3. Topic: Ned Kelly Alive

Privilege of private concerns taking Ned Kelly collection and giving back to community. Will community be able to see collection free of charge?

Council Response: This will be a consideration for the Old Beechworth Gaol Ned Kelly Experience managers.

4. Topic: Rail Trail, Beechworth to Yackandandah

Request alignment map of rail trail. Particular query for draft alignment at underpass.

Council Response: Please see link below to Council's website which has general overview maps as well as a further link to the more detailed functional design drawings from 2016.

More specifically, Council officers are continuing to refine the alignment and hope to be able to communicate more detail as the project develops.

5. Topic: Waterways


Protect water race Chinaman's Dam       

Council Response: Rail Trail development will provide a great opportunity to protect mining heritage in and around Chinaman’s Dam

6. Topic: Post Office / Clock Tower


Pigeons at Post Office. Advise owners who are out of town. Protect the clock tower.

Council Response: Council has made contact with owners.

7. Topic: Housing

Lack of affordable housing. Retirement and residential aged care. Alert Council to this new group and their work. Future discussion.

Council Response: Council representatives attending an upcoming forum on this topic at Quercus in Beechworth.

8. Topic: Volunteers 


How to make it easier for volunteers within shire. Central volunteer process. Is Council interested to meet and streamline volunteering.             

Council Response: Community Development Officer to follow up directly with agencies.

9. Topic: Water Fountain / Outdoor Gym

Congratulations on water fountains pick my project. Outdoor gym idea good also

No Council Response

10. Topic: Footpaths

Does Council have a plan for footpaths rollout suitable for foot, scooters etc. Improving existing for access - foot, scooters, walking aids etc.           

Council Response: Council has plans for all of its towns showing existing and proposed pathways. For some towns, there are also Placemaking Plans with additional detail on improving access around the towns.

11. Topic: Railway Goods Shed  


Enquiry about Railway Goods Shed, who owns. ISC or on crown land?

Community members comments re Good shed needs to be needs to be fit for purpose, careful not to dilute the business district, needs to be level playing field with other businesses, concerned about pop-ups.

Council Response: Railway goods shed is located upon Crown Land of which Council is the appointed land manager and hence is considered the asset owner. Council is responsible for the maintenance and management of this asset. The current project scope primarily involves the refurbishment of the historic Beechworth Railway Goods Shed into a building that could be used as a community and/or commercial space to complement the railway station precinct and adjacent Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. Project Steering group have duly noted the comments provided.

12. Topic: Heritage

Someone has to take overall responsibility to maintain the heritage fabric of Beechworth.            

No Council Response

13. Topic: Post Office

Are Council going to allow what has been allowed at the Old Gaol (café's painted black, bike shop with green bike handing out the front) to happen at the current post office site?

Supports authentic history in preference to using technology to tell the Kelly Story in the Heritage Precinct.          

Council Response: Any proposal for the use of the Post Office will need Heritage Victoria approval and would consider the issues raised.

14. Topic: Kelly Story     


Knows that the Kelly family have not been consulted.

Council Response: Key Kelly family descendants were part of the Ned Kelly Alive project visioning group along with Police, Parks Victoria (Stringybark Creek), Mansfield, Wangaratta, Benalla and Indigo LGAs, and existing Ned Kelly products/operators including Burke Museum & Historic Precinct, Glenrowan interests, Ned Kelly Vault and Old Beechworth Gaol.

15. Topic: Beechworth Signage

Can we get rid of the #Beechworth sign and replace it with the old Australia's Best Preserved Gold Town?             

Council Response: A town sign review is mooted for the 2019/20 Financial Year, which if adopted within the budget would address the broader town signage requirements and aesthetics.

16. Topic: Tourism Study


Figures cannot be right. Can't fill our current beds, yet proposing to build a new hotel.

Council Response: The recommendation for private investment in a destination hotel recognises the growth predictions for visitation to Beechworth and Indigo Shire as well as the potential for a destination hotel (for example Blue Saffire Freycinet, Jacklope Mornington Penninsula) to drive greater awareness and visitation to a destination, where all business owners benefit.

17. Topic: Active Indigo Plan

Would like ISC to partner with the health organisations to look at a heated pool. Costings in Active Indigo Plan are too high.

Council Response: An indoor heated pool is cost prohibitive; however we will raise the suggestion with health organisations.

18. Topic: Lake Kerferd track  

Upgrade Lake Kerferd track, easily lost, accessibility, signage & Erosion of soil around trees near bowls club. Reported 18 months ago - demarcation issue - Beechworth Council and NERWA.

Council Response: Kerferd track beyond the Caravan Park is a Parks Victoria Asset. The erosion along Silver Creek near the bowls club is being looked at by Council and NECMA in terms of works on waterways. The works also require funding which is not yet allocated

19. Topic: Container Deposit Scheme

Container Deposit Scheme to reduce litter. Thank you for footpath outside home. Thank you Rob Tirrell for speedie response to drainage issue.

Council Response: Council is not considering at this time the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme and will continue to reduce waste to landfill through its recycling processes and education programs.

20. Topic: Lower Stanley Road  


Upgrade to Lower Stanley Road. Entire length i.e. footpaths, kerbing and channel. Dangerous to walk for pedestrians accessing caravan park etc.

Council Response: There are no current plans for upgrades to Lower Stanley Road. Strategically, Council is focussed on pathways around the centre of town and linking key activity areas. We have added request to the footpath priority listing and it will be considered when forward planning works. 

21. Topic: Bowling Club

Federal sports and rec grants available. Got $25k available need another $60-$70K grant. Looking for Council support to secure a grant (not necessarily looking for $. Just help and support to get grant.)

Council Response: Council's Recreation Officer will liaise directly with the Bowling Club.

22. Topic: Bowling Club

Same issue as above - Building house in Nam Shing lane - waterway area b/w houses and Chinese Gardens - grant secured to beautify - good news story.

Council Response: Council's Recreation Officer will liaise directly with the Bowling Club.

23. Topic: Heated Indoor Swimming Pool 

Heated indoor swimming pool in BW (suggested this be explored through sched or health system)

Heritage not mentioned in flyer. Heritage of national importance. Need to keep up the funding and approach the Federal Government for more.

Council needs an events officer. Coordinate events. Ned Kelly movie at end of year, we need to be a part of the movie launch."

Council Response: An indoor heated pool is cost prohibitive, however we will raise the suggestion with health organisations. Council employs a full-time events officer to provide support for event organisers, manage logistics support and event grant support. The Burke Museum and Precinct team will work with the community to maximise opportunities to promote Beechworth’s Ned Kelly connections.

24. Topic: Tennis Development

Looking for Council to take over project management of the new courts.

Council Response: Council could take on the project management role but the project management cost must be included in the total project budget.

25. Topic: Alma Road

Alma Road - need sealing to Mountain Bike Park and graded more often.

Council Response: Alma Road is relatively high on the Priority List for sealed road extensions. Alma Road to Mountain Bike Park is a logical extension in the early stages of the Rail Trail Project, not yet budgeted but highlighted for consideration during forward works planning.

26. Topic: Mayday Hills

Trees at Mayday, unhappy about them being cut down. Proposed Caravan park at Mayday. Concerned about permanent residents there and the closeness to the child care centre.

Council Response: Caravan Park application pending. Application will go to Council later this year.

27. Topic: Tourism

Tourism Strategy pretty good job. With its Beechworth focus and connection with the Ned Kelly Alive Project, we need an interpretive space for the Kelly Story. Need to focus on our core strengths which are stories of Beechworth, situated in the historic precinct. The Ned Kelly Story and the Gaol equals the tail wagging the dog. No community input into Ned Kelly Alive. Report released four weeks after the tourism strategy. Could lead to distrust of TNE and old Beechworth Gaol and by association, ISC. Ned Kelly Alive objectives could be acheived in an enlarged Burke Museum and Historical Precinct. Could review other sites for the Ned Kelly Story - Post Office,  Mayday Hills, Billson's.

Council Response: The Tourism Strategy referenced multiple pieces of research, state, regional and local plans and studies conducted over a number of years.  The visioning group for Ned Kelly Alive report and business case work included the Burke Museum and Historic Precinct and Ned Kelly Vault representatives.  The strongest business cases formed the recommended investments within the report.  Beechworth was strongly represented in the recommended investments based on the existing heritage built assets of the Courthouse and the Gaol, representing excellent return on investment above other options considered.

28. Topic: Mayday Hills, Trees

Trees at Mayday were planted with government funding so the owners should need permission from that government department or its modern day version before chopping down trees.

Concern about use of round up (glyphosate) following successful court case in America in favour of someone who developed cancer from using glyphosate.

Council Response: Officer met with resident and had further discussions.  Acknowledged concerns about the use of round up however use of glyphosate is still legal (subject to conditions) in Victoria.

29. Topic: Trees

Concerned about native trees replacing European trees for street tree plantings. Wants consultation before trees are replaced and wants trees replaced like for like.  

Council Response: Where possible we aim to replace trees like for like, this is not always possible and when not we will look to choose a species that is suitable to the local built environment. 

30. Topic: Gymnastics Club

Does anyone have a building to run a gymnastics club?  

Council Response: Referred to Recreation Officer who will follow up.

31. Topic: Lake Sambell

Lake Sambell and the lack of maintenance particularly in the Woodland Glades which the Rail Trail to Yackandandah is going to run alond side of. I had a call from one of the artists who's work is in one of the Woodland Glades rooms.

Council Response: Council officer will inspect section of rail trail at Lake Sambell to determine if additional maintenance is required.