Community forum notes - 12 March 2019

A small and engaged group of residents attended the Stanley Community Forum on Tuesday March 12 discussing a wide range of issues.

Issues discussed


  • The increasing demands on volunteers, with the Memorial Hall Committee raised as an example. Demands included increasing O&HS obligations, paperwork and governance requirements.
  • The potential for the Shire to lease the old Stanley School Site to the shire to secure it for five years for community use and for the SRCI to run a post office.
  • Delays to the Stanley Township Zoning Scheme Amendment.
  • Clarification around camping on the DELWP recreation reserve.
  • Potential for a formal off road bike trail to be established, and the opportunity for the community to contribute to the upcoming Indigo Shire cycling/walking trail strategy.
  • The need to protect our heritage.
  • Thanks to our Ranger service for support with dangerous animals.
  • The Beechworth Easter Parade and its relationship with the Stanley community.
  • Water bubbler locations and the need for one in Stanley.
  • Green waste services

    Roads – potential sealing and upgrades:

  • Mytrleford Road between Murray Road and O’Neils Road
  • Rosengreen Lane
  • Between the church and cork tree house-  needs a sealed apron.
  • Main Stanley Road needs VicRoads to upgrade. 
  • Corner of Fletchers Dam, Hurdle Flat Road, gravel has washed away.