Community Forum Notes - 11 June 2019

More than 25 people attended the Yackandandah Community Forum on 11 June to meet with Indigo Shire Councillors and staff to share ideas, questions and feedback. One of the main themes from the conversations was the sustainable development of Yackandandah, and how to keep the village feel as the town potentially grows with proposed land developments and cycle tourism.

A summary of the issues discussed is noted below, and Council officers will make contact with individual residents who had questions that could not be answered on the night. To stay up to date with the latest Council activities in Tangambalanga and Kiewa make sure you follow Indigo Shire Council on Facebook, subscribe to our Weekly Update Email and keep an eye on your letter box for the quarterly Indigo Informer Council Newsletter. 

Topics discussed included:

  • The sustainable development of Yackandandah
  • Community event banners on the Memorial Park fence
  • Inclusive infrastructure design
  • Improving the High Street public toilets
  • Speed and pedestrian safety issues
  • Footpaths, road works and drainage queries
  • Yackandandah Place Plan next steps
  • Ideas and suggestions for Council service action or Council advocacy including transport options, ambulance services, natural gas, soft plastic recycling
  • Tourism strategies including potential marketing for weddings
  • Community involvement in Council decisions
  • The needs of horse riders, particularly with the development of the rail trail
  • Parking in the main street and near the cemetery
  • Feral animals and particularly pigs in the bush
  • Noise from trucks in Yackandandah and Osborne’s Flat
  • The best placement of the historic map currently located in the hall
  • Safety concerns for motorbikes on Twist Creek and Bells Flat Road gravel sections.