Tangambalanga Active Park

Submissions closed on 28 March 2020, 05:00 PM


About the project

We are developing a landscape master plan for Tangambalanga Active Park to meet the needs of a growing residential community. The master plan will:

  • Ensure that key elements identified by the local community are included as desired attributes into the park master plan
  • Provide an overall park layout considerate to the local environmental conditions
  • Identify and incorporate park infrastructure requirements (water, power, sewer)
  • Provide a staged delivery plan for the park

What is happening and when?

We have engaged a landscape architect to incorporate feedback into a park landscape master plan design to support future funding opportunities. The master plan will also locate the community garden and playground areas and provide greater detail to allow construction in 2020.

Following feedback from the recent survey options for play equipment, a draft landscape masterplan has been developed for the broader park. The masterplan will feature spaces including: community garden, play areas, BBQ and picnic area, mini pumps & wheels loops, open green spaces & shade trees. You can view the master plan PDF by clicking the link.




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