What is Council's responsibility?


We have legislative responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 2013 that include maintaining a Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

The plan covers the management, prevention, response, recovery and support arrangement for emergencies.

We offer specialised local knowledge about our locality, and our residents look to us for assistance during times of emergency and during the recovery process.

Disasters of a large scale that are beyond the capacity of Council resources will be escalated to a regional, state or national level. Victoria’s State Control Centre (SCC) is located in Melbourne at the Emergency Management Victoria headquarters.   

Our key emergency management positions include a Municipal Emergency Resource Officer, a Municipal Recovery Manager and a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. 

Relief and recovery from bushfires is normally co-ordinated by Councils.

Minor incidents such as fallen trees and potholes should be reported to our customer service centre on 1300 365 003 during business hours or to the appropriate after hours contact that is on duty. All emergencies should be reported to 000.