Road Register Changes

No longer on display. Expired on 08 October 2021, 12:00 AM

The Road Management Act 2004 requires that Indigo Shire Council has a Register of Public Roads (Road Register), detailing which roads it maintains and the classification of these roads.

Council has developed a Road Management Plan (RMP) which sets out how Council will inspect, maintain and repair its Road Network. 

The RMP and Road Register are available for inspection at Council Offices or you can view them below:

2021 Review

Every four years, Council is required to review its RMP.

As part of the 2021 Review, Council has identified a number of roads on the Road Register that require a change in classification to reflect their current use and appropriate maintenance levels. The first table lists the Road Categories. A second table identifies the proposed changes. All property owners adjacent to each of the identified roads has been notified via post.

Council has a responsibility to maintain all roads on the Road Register is a safe condition and to inspect them on a periodic basis.

Typically these changes reflect the current maintenance of this road, and seeks to bring the road register in line with the current usage and road standard. Some errors have been identified, and some roads with gates and fences across the reserve will require review.

Any feedback in relation to this proposal must be in writing and received by Friday 8 October 2021, and directed to Paul McLachlan – Manager Assets & Property. Please feel free to call on 1300 365 003 if you have any queries.