Heavy vehicle parking in built up areas

On display until 03 May 2021, 05:00 PM

A reminder to owners and drivers of heavy/long vehicles that restrictions apply in built up areas in our townships.

Our entire township areas are described, by definition, as a built up area and heavy/long vehicles are restricted by time in where they can park:

• Under the State road rules, rule 200(2), the driver of a heavy (4.5T GVM) or long vehicle must not stop on a length of road in a built up area for longer than 1 hour.

• Under Councils Local Law number 1 (Streets & Roads Local Law), a heavy vehicle (weighing more than 4T GVM) must not be parked on privately owned residential land for a period greater than 2 hours.

The State law is enforceable across Victoria, as local laws are enforceable across the municipality, and infringement notices are issued by Authorised Officers of Council or the Victoria Police.

For further information please contact us or go to our Local Law 1 page.


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