Public Bin Surveys

On display until 20 February 2022, 12:00 AM

Throughout January and early February 2022, a contractor will be conducting surveys of the public waste and recycling bins across Indigo Shire.

The results of the surveys will assist with further improving local and regional services such as bin systems, programs and education to increase recycling and reduce waste to landfill. The study is being conducted across our region along with other members of the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (NEWRRG).

The surveys will include:

  • A visual survey of bins, such as how full they are and the types of material placed in the bin
  • Condition and cleanliness of the bins, bin enclosures and signage.
  • Removal of the contents of selected waste and recycling bins for sorting at a waste facility into categories for weighing, followed by disposal or recycling as usual.


If you have any concerns regarding the survey please contact us.