Stanley Athenaeum Receives Grant Funding

Published on 30 October 2020


The Friends of Stanley Athenaeum, with the support of Indigo Shire Council, has been successful in receiving a $2000 grant from the Holsworth Local Heritage Trust.

The grant is awarded by The Royal Historical Society of Victoria to support community groups to publish local and other history in regional Victoria. The grant will assist the publication of 'Hearts of Gold: Minds of Mettle -Stanley Women of the 19th Century' and gives voice to the remarkable migrant women who arrived, settled and made a new life in the challenging world of the Nine Mile goldfields.

It tells the stories of 100 women, their achievements, challenges and the ways they found to make a living, support their families and serve their communities. It will bring the past to life, and offer new insights and perspectives for women today.

Val Privett, Helen McIntyre and Robyn Harcourt have almost completed their work of researching, writing and editing the stories of 100 Stanley and district women. This has been an ongoing project which Val and Helen have been researching for over 5 years with the assistance of the Friends of Stanley Athenaeum, descendants of the women and local families.

 You can read more about the Stanley Athenaeum by heading to their website.





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