Draft Disability Action Plan

Submissions closing on 24 December 2021, 05:00 PM

Draft Disability Action Plan.png
Our draft Disability Action Plan is closely aligned to the Council Plan and has been developed in collaboration with the Indigo Community Access Committee (ICAC), the dementia alliance and through consultation with the community and key stakeholders.
There are five principles that the current plan is guided by:
  • Inclusion is key
The needs of all people with all abilities is considered in early planning for community events, programs and infrastructure. This plan strives for complete community inclusion in design.
  • Heritage values and equity can work together
The Indigo Shire built environment is rich in heritage buildings and infrastructure. The ICAC believes inclusive solutions that improve equity and access can co-exist with the historical landscape and that early consultation with the committee on design options will make Indigo Shire more inclusive for everyone.
  • Compliance is just the start
Following best practice ensures access and inclusion are well designed for everyone. This plan champions an evidence based approach to achieving more than standard compliance.
  • Embracing technology for equity and inclusion
Indigo Shire is progressive and seek ways to embrace assistive technologies to ensure that all people can experience the facilities and services, including the heritage precinct.
  • Best Practice

     This plan strives to understand the bigger picture by staying up to date with global best practice, policy and legislation changes. This ensures that Council are           well-informed when making decisions across all areas of Council that impact equity and universal design.

How to make a submission

Submissions must be in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and sent to PO Box 28, Beechworth Victoria 3747 or via email and received by the closing date of 5pm Friday 24 December 2021.

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