Beechworth Historic Precinct Masterplan

Submissions closed on 10 September 2021, 05:00 PM

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The period for public comment on the Historic Precinct Experience Plan has now closed. Council Officers and the project consultants are reviewing the draft Masterplan, collating and considering all feedback.  A final report will then be presented to Council for consideration.


We are now inviting submissions on the draft Beechworth Historic Precinct Masterplan (Phase 2 - Experience Plan).

The Draft Experience Plan is the second stage in the development of the full Precinct Masterplan.

It covers possible experience opportunities for the Historic Precinct and these have been developed by independent cultural heritage experts, after comprehensive community consultation earlier in 2021.

The plan covers areas such as:

  • The history and stories we tell in the Precinct
  • Proposed exhibitions, displays and other uses for the historic buildings
  • Community uses of the precinct, and how Council can improve usage and accessibility
  • Access, navigability, signage and pathways for visitors and community
  • The overall visitor experience

The Experience Plan will be followed up in the 2021/22 financial year with an Amenities and Infrastructure Plan. This will cover areas such as car-parking, toilets, shade, seating and other amenities required to support the Experiences put forward in the Experience Plan


Submissions closed on Friday 10 September 2021. 




For the purposes of the Masterplan, the Historic Precinct includes the Council-managed elements of the Beechworth Historic Precinct, including:

1. The Robert O’Hara Burke Memorial Museum

2. Town Hall Gardens

3. Old Beechworth Town Hall, including Beechworth Visitor Information Centre

4. Beechworth Telegraph Station

5. Beechworth Historic Court House

6. Sub-Treasury Building

7. Chinese Protector’s Office

8. Gold Warden’s Office, now housing the Forestry Museum

9. Police Stables

10. The Beechworth Police Paddock, housing the Old Stone Lockup

The Masterplan is limited to the physical boundaries of the Historic Precinct. This location is bounded by Loch, Camp, High and William Streets.

The Old Beechworth Gaol is owned and operated by a consortia of 20 local families and 4 philanthropic organisations. ACRE, who led the buyback in 2016, is one of a number of key tenants playing an activation role on the site. This group has identified development objectives and plans for the gaol precinct which so the Masterplan will not be recommending experience or development opportunities for the Old Beechworth Gaol site. Rather, it will aim to recognise and align the Masterplan to existing and proposed Gaol experiences to assist with a cohesive visitor experience.

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Indigo Shire Council’s vision is that we are a heritage shire with a bold future. Council manages a number of historic sites, including Beechworth’s Historic Precinct, and we are committed to preserving and interpreting these sites for community and visitor use.

The Beechworth Historic Precinct is one of Australia’s best preserved historic sites. Home to a number of significant buildings and parks, the Precinct is linked to many of Australia’s most important historical events.

It’s over a decade since the last plan for the Precinct was developed and this new Masterplan will help to guide the future of the precinct. We want to hear from as many of you as possible to find out what the Precinct means to you. This is an exciting opportunity for you to contribute to the vibrant future of the Precinct, so we’re eager to hear your ideas.

There are lots of ways that you can have your say, and you can start now by checking out our online ideas board, completing our survey or dropping into the Burke Museum or Courthouse for a chat.

Warm Regards,