Proposed upgrade of paths for Queen Victoria Park

Submissions closed on 20 September 2021, 05:00 PM

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As part of the proposed improvements to Beechworth’s Queen Victoria Park, funded by DELWP’s Growing Victoria’s Botanic Gardens grant, we plan to upgrade the path network to address erosion, improve accessibility and create more linkages.

Before we begin the works, we’re keen to hear from the community on whether there are any concerns with the proposed upgrade. 

Our proposal it to transform the existing gravel paths as shown in image one to be similar to the path in image two which is a hardened surface constructed with a bitumen emulsion primer seal ad 7mm gravel.


 Image One  Image Two

Proposed works

  • Construction of short sections of new path as marked on the landscape plan(PDF, 10MB), all 1.8m wide in keeping with all other paths in the park.
  • Repair of existing paths
  • Resurface all paths and spoon drains with bitumen, similar to what is applied to the rail trail (Image Two).
  • Improved drainage

 Major Benefits

  • Provide safe and equitable access to the community through an improved path surface which will be suitable for prams, mobility scooters and assisted wheelchair use.
  • Provide a hard wearing drain surface which is visually similar to the existing and will withstand increasingly frequent and intense storm activity and withstand water which is currently scouring drains and exposing tree roots,
  • Protect trees in close proximity to the paths by preventing exposure of roots from erosion and also halt movement of gravel from paths over tree protection zones.
  • Manage/collect storm water at the interface of the park and direct into appropriate storm water infrastructure.
  • Management of storm water to prevent saturation of soils in certain low areas of the Park which has led to tree instability.

Key considerations

Given the Heritage significance of Queen Victoria Park, key considerations in developing this proposal have been;

  • Maintaining key views and vistas
  • Choice of materials and colours to be sympathetic to the existing and visual amenity of the park.
  • Scale of works- no change to path widths or gradients which would be major work
  • Siting of proposed new path for tree protection
  • Design factors taking into consideration slope and water management.
  • Maintain compatibility with the Master Plan and Conservation Policies wherever possible.
  • Maintaining ongoing reasonable use of Queen Victoria Park by bringing the facilities in line with contemporary and safe standards for pedestrian access.
  • Financial sustainability of the site. Queen Victoria Park does not generate income. These works will reduce the ongoing maintenance cost of the paths.

Have your say

We want to ensure that the community is supportive of these works before we commence the upgrade.

Complete this short questionnaire to help us better understand community sentiment.

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