Draft 2022-23 Budget

Submissions closing on 25 February 2022, 05:00 PM

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We’re trialling a new approach to engaging with the community on the draft 2022-23 budget.

Rather than calling for submissions on the draft document at the end of the process, we’re inviting the community to have input into the draft by sharing with us the services and projects that you would like to see prioritised.

There will still be opportunity for feedback when the draft budget is presented to Council in May, but by receiving your input early, we can get a better sense of what matters most to our community.

However, just like your household budget, we need to make every dollar count and ensure we can fund our essential services and manage ongoing challenges such as:

  • The impact of rate capping on our ability to pay increasing costs
  • the impact of a growing community and the need to provide new and upgraded roads, parks, drains and other infrastructure
  • maintaining and renewing our existing assets and aging infrastructure
  • continuing to deliver the services we are legally required to provide
  • continuing to deliver the quality services that our community expects

We’re also committed to delivering our Council Plan actions, which have been developed in consultation with the community.

Have your Say

We’ve pulled together a short survey to help identify priority areas as well as some open ended questions for you to provide feedback.

Complete the draft budget survey 


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