Council Plan - Draft Themes and Strategic Objectives

Submissions closing on 30 April 2021, 10:59 PM


Based on the feedback received during the first round of consultation, where you told us about your hopes and dreams for the future of our Shire, we have drafted five key themes that are supported by strategic objectives.

We encourage you to read through them and provide feedback in the discussion below.

When reviewing the themes and objectives, keep these three questions in mind:

  • Are you satisfied that Council is focusing its attention on the right priorities?
  • Are there any gaps in these high level themes and objectives?
  • Are there specific projects, capital works or initiatives that you would like Council to address over the next 4 years?

Theme 1: Communities

1: Communities

Our communities are strong, resilient and inclusive and our people feel safe, valued and connected, both physically and socially.

  Strategic objective  Key strategies to achieve the objective 
1.1  Our community members are supported and encouraged to achieve and sustain physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Promote physical and mental health and resilient communities through the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan
  • Develop and deliver infrastructure and services to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the community
  • Support a broad range of recreational and social inclusion activities
  • Partner with other agencies in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives which seek to minimise or eliminate harm from alcohol and illicit drug use
  • Support local and regional initiatives to raise awareness and actions in the prevention of domestic and family violence
  • Continue to provide services which enhance the lives of those across all life stages.


Our community members have equal access to the services, activities and infrastructure that make it easy for them to stay connected and get involved in community life

  • Advocate for service delivery improvements across other levels of government including public transport and telecommunications
  • Encourage and support volunteering to enable community participation opportunities
  • Encourage and facilitate connections across all age groups through activities and social interaction in our community
  • Support the work of the Indigo Access and Inclusion Committee
  • Connect with the wealth of community intellectual knowledge, experience and talent
  • Promote a range of activities and initiatives to support our ageing community


Our young people are supported and encouraged to contribute to their communities and to have their voice heard


  • Encourage young people to actively participate in their community through activities and events
  • Pursue pathways for learning and job opportunities to retain our young people
  • Provide opportunities for our young people and seniors to connect
  • Facilitate and support mental health program initiatives for young people


Our First Nations people are valued, respected and their contributions recognised and celebrated


  • Promote and pursue improved engagement in conjunction with Indigenous groups
  • Contribute to truth telling and reconciliation activities to acknowledge the past and to enhance the future
  • Work with our First Nations people to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 
1.5  Creativity and participation in arts and culture is encouraged.
  •  Promote and support arts and cultural development within our community
1.6 Our community is diverse, and welcomes, values and respects people of different gender, personal identification, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds 
  • Support local and regional initiatives that feature multi-cultural activities and awareness
  • Contribute to the inclusion and safety of LGBTQI+ members of the community

Theme 2: Liveability

2: Liveability

Our communities are well-connected, inviting and attractive and we adopt a balanced multi-generational approach to growth across the Shire, supported by infrastructure, planning and development that is sensitive to our unique character.

  Strategic objective   Key strategies to achieve the objective


Our townships and land management are well planned and sustainable with a balanced approach to population growth 


  • Delivery of planning and infrastructure services is consistent with Council’s vision for the Shire
  • Community-led planning is encouraged through the on-going roll out of place-making programs in each of our towns
  • A forward program of strategic planning projects is developed for inclusion in our Planning Scheme.
  • Improve the identification and follow-up of inappropriate development or use of land
  • The right to farm is encouraged and promoted.
  • Advocate for greater housing diversity including affordable and social housing

Our built environment, streetscapes, facilities, amenities and open spaces are safe, inviting, attractive and well maintained

  • Delivery of services, projects and initiatives focused on improving the appearance of streetscapes and landscapes
  • Provide green spaces within our townships that are not only inviting but also provide shelter for the community and our wildlife in an increasingly hot climate
2.3 Our assets are well managed and their renewal is planned through long term renewal and upgrade strategies
  • Maintain expenditure to implement adopted Asset Management Plans
  • Our infrastructure expenditure is based upon a well-structured decision making model
2.4 Our heritage and cultural assets are highly valued and protected and we celebrate our unique place in Australia’s rich history
  •  Continue the identification and protection of heritage places through Council’s Planning Scheme
  • Continue to maintain and protect our historic assets and collections and support local Athenaeums.
  • Improve the identification and follow-up of inappropriate development of heritage buildings and locations
2.5 Cycling and walking is encouraged through safe, connected and improved linkages
  • Infrastructure supports pedestrian and cycling activities
  • Ensure access for mobility in conjunction with Council’s Access Policy

Theme 3: Prosperity

3: Prosperity

Our economy is strong and diverse, attracting new investment and job opportunities. Renowned as a must visit destination offering a range of experiences that showcase our rich history and culture and breathtaking natural landscapes, the Shire is also a much sought after location for new residents.

  Strategic Objective  Key strategies to achieve the objective 
3.1  Our economy is strong and sustainable and local businesses and industry are supported in the post COVID-19 recovery phase
  • Support local business and industries through direct action, advocacy and incentives
  • Support business and industry through a risk based approach to develop resilience and capacity in the face of major current and future disruptions
  • Support and facilitate the local economy through place making and strategic land use planning
  • Develop partnerships and relationships to enhance business and industry investment, and job creation in the Shire
3.2 Tourism is a major economic driver, leading the way in post COVID-19 recovery
  • Strengthen and creatively develop and promote our tourism and destination advantages within the national, regional, and shire tourism offering
  • Recognise and preserve our past and present story, important heritage sites, and our Indigenous cultural connections as key contributions to the tourism and visitor experience
  • Partner with local businesses to work with the community to create, participate in, and sponsor events to support community connections and celebrations
  • Continue to financially support event grant programs that create opportunities for visitor growth.
  • Partner with funding and other authorities to facilitate infrastructure developments critical to tourism and economic development. 
3.3  Our Shire is recognised as an enviable place to visit, live and work
  • Improve connectivity by advocating for improved transport links 
  • Provide a seamless approach in assisting new and existing business to flourish
  • Advocate for improved telecommunications across the Shire

Theme 4: Sustainability

4: Sustainability

Our climate emergency declaration reflects strong leadership and a commitment to protecting, maintaining and enhancing our natural environment and to promoting sustainable living, particularly the adoption of renewable energy. Our communities are self-sufficient and we are well prepared to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

   Strategic Objective Key strategies to achieve the objective 

Lead our community through advocacy and action to mitigate against and adapt to impacts of climate change

  • Demonstrate leadership by ensuring sustainability practices are considered in our capital projects and operations
  • Support our community members to reduce their impact on the environment through education and support programs
  • Promote sound and sustainable environmental practices through our policies, planning and infrastructure development
  • Support initiatives and projects that reduce community consumption of non-renewable resources and encourage appropriate investment in renewables
4.2 Our streetscapes, parks and gardens are sustainably managed and planted with species of trees and vegetation that support biodiversity and are adaptable to a changing climate
  • Continue to educate and create awareness of the importance of sustaining our natural environment, including the importance of planting trees and vegetation in our built-up areas
  • Protect roadside biodiversity corridors
  • Advocate on key habitat and biodiversity species
  • Improve capacity and capability to respond to illegal native vegetation clearing
4.3 Our preparedness in response and recovery for natural disasters is well planned and executed
  • Work with other agencies to ensure that Council is well placed to respond to emergencies and to support community recovery
  • Work with the community and stakeholders to mitigate the effects of emergencies
  • Advocate to government for better arrangements for Neighbourhood safer places
4.4  Our Community is a leader in waste minimisation, recycling and reuse
  • Promote initiatives to encourage greater reduction in the amount of waste generated and sent to landfill
  • Continue to advocate for greater Council control over ground water license permits. 

Theme 5: Accountability

5: Accountability

We practice good governance, comply with the principles of sound financial management and our community is well informed and actively participates in Council decision-making. We have a high-performing workforce, committed to customer service excellence and continuous improvement.

   Strategic Objective Key Strategies to achieve the objective 
5.1  Our financial management is responsible and effective in responding to challenges and constraints with a focus on financial sustainability   
  • Ensure an integrated, long-term view of Council’s finances, services and asset management
  • Pursue opportunities for grant funding
  • Inform the community on where funds are being spent and why
5.2 Council, in partnership with key stakeholders, advocates on issues, priorities and needs that matter to our community 
  •  Build strong partnerships and good working relationships with government, partners and stakeholders
5.3 Council decisions are evidence-based, transparent and in the best interests of the whole community  
  • Advisory Committee recommendations are well considered and responded to promptly
  • Pursue opportunities for the community to be engaged and provide input into council decision-making
5.4  Our community is well informed and engaged


  • Provide access to timely and relevant information about issues which affect community members and promote ways for them to share their views, comment on our performance and actively participate in decision-making
5.5 Our workforce is customer-centric, high performing and engaged with a collaborative culture, that supports the successful delivery of services to the community  
  • Identify and improve opportunities to deliver more responsive and efficient services
  • Promote Indigo Shire as an employer of choice
  • Partner with neighboring councils to achieve better service delivery outcomes (shared services)


Our Councillors and organisation are committed to good governance practices and conduct 

  • Provide Councillors and staff with training, awareness and guidelines to ensure that good governance underpins all decisions, actions and practices
  • Provide risk management, governance and procurement systems in order to ensure sufficient delivery of services to the community



  1. Karin Borschman
    How about we have at least 2 hard rubbish days and let residents help in picking and recycling old goods. Less land fill and items can get a new life. All the major cities do it WHY can’t we.
    1. T Webb
      I also would like to see hard rubbish curb side collection. As we dont all have trailers or ability to take large items to a waste station.
  2. Andrea Xcell
    Who actually oversees this to ensure followed
  3. Andrea Palmer
    I’d love to see water stations in strategic areas - not just parks- so people don’t have to buy bottled water.