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Submissions closed on 20 May 2022, 05:00 PM


We're seeking community input to help develop our Creative Indigo Arts and Culture Strategy.


Indigo Shire is a creative community where the arts are celebrated and supported and we recognise the strong community well-being, economic and tourism benefits that come from a creative Shire.

One of the key actions of our 2021-2025 Council Plan is to develop an Arts Strategy and progress its key priorities.

In October 2021 we finalised the composition of a steering committee to oversee the development of the strategy and since then, the committee has signed off on a project plan. 

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Our first step in this plan is to seek the perspectives of the Shire's community and artists. Whether you're a painter, musician or game designer, an enthusiastic amateur or seasoned professional, or just an interested member of the public – we want to hear from you. 

The aim of the survey is to:

- Understand who makes up our creative community
– Hear about what the community values and its aspirations for the future
Understand more about our artists and what they require to be successful

These survey findings will be used to help shape the strategy and inform how Council can help foster a thriving and creative shire

Complete the survey

Community workshops

Thank you to everyone who attended our community workshops either in-person or on-line. To keep track of the Art Strategy progress, please sign up below to receive our emails or check back to our Arts Strategy webpage here.

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