Proposed road name - Winning Court, Beechworth

Submissions closed on 23 August 2021, 05:00 PM

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We're seeking community feedback on the proposed naming of a new road in Beechworth.

At its meeting on 29 June 2021, it was resolved that Council endorses Winning Court as the proposed name for the new road off Albert Road in Beechworth and makes a final decision following community consultation.

It is Council’s responsibility to name this road in accordance with the Local Law, Council’s Naming of Local Roads Policy and Procedure, and the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) publication “Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2016”.


The new road is located in a new subdivision, off Albert Road, Beechworth, as shown in the map below:

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Proposed name - Winning Court

Following initial community consultation in August/September 2020, it was originally suggested that the new road be named Burke Court.

However, following various submissions from the community, including principally from the Stanley Athenaeum Committee, it was suggested that a name associated with an important female from the area would be much more appropriate, and there was little support to use the name Burke again, as there is already a prominent facility in town with that name.

Margaret Winning

Margaret Winning was born on 26 August 1862 and at 35 years of age, she moved to Beechworth and resided in the nurse’s quarters of the hospital throughout her time in Beechworth. She was appointed Matron 1899, a position she held for almost 20 years and in this oversaw the training of probationary nurses, 15 of whom went on to serve in WW1. 

In 1916 Matron Winning was nominated as Queen of Charity for the Diamond Jubilee of the Ovens District hospital. She raised funds for Belgian and Red Cross Funds and for the hospital as well as serving on committees for the annual hospital ball.

Given the wish to have an important female figure from Beechworth’s History, the proposed name Winning is considered appropriate by Council.

Consideration has also been given to the timing of the current Covid‐19 pandemic, and to select someone so important in healthcare in the region gives extra weight to the potential selection.

Winning and Court also provide a pleasant reference to the site’s history as a tennis court area.


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 Margaret Winning.
  1. Anne Stelling
    Most appropriate to recognise one of the many women leaders of Beechworth's past. The name Winning definitely has my approval!