Budget 2021-2022

Indigo Shire's 2021-2022 Budget was adopted by Council on Tuesday 29 June 2021.

The budget outlines a total operating income of $39.24M with total expenditure of $34.26M, including a $16.46M capital works program.

Budget Highlights for 2020/21

  • $2.05M Chiltern Community Hub
  • $711K Shire wide footpath upgrade program (Includes $582,000 allocated and unspent from the the 2020/21 budget)
  • $520K Shire wide annual resealing program
  • $480K Recreation plan implementation (subject to government funding)
  • $60K Shire-wide rural road drainage program
  • $50K Caravan parks masterplan
  • $50K Rutherglen Place making Plan
  • $45K Art Strategy
  • $20K Emission reduction plan actions

Previous years budgets can be viewed here