VICSES Rutherglen Unit

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How long have you been operating for? Over 40 years

Where are you located? 38 Murphy Street, Rutherglen (Shire yard)

Tell us about the types of work you do: We help the community when they need assistance with flood and storm events (tarping roofs, sandbagging premises etc), road accident rescue, community education, search and rescue, clearing fallen trees from roads, general rescue, first aid etc. We train at 7pm on Tuesday’s at the SES shed in Murphy Street, Rutherglen

Tell us about how important volunteers are to your work: Without volunteers we would not exist, we are a totally voluntary unit. We only have 10 active members and are in desperate need of new volunteers.

What types of tasks do you need more volunteers for? We desperately need volunteers in all parts of our emergency services operation, we are also looking for a radio operator with computer skills. Volunteers are fully trained (at no cost to the volunteer) in all aspects of emergency services eg: chain saw operations, emergency vehicle driving including medium rigid drivers licence, first aid, 4wd driving competence, rooftop safety, road accident rescue, search and rescue, maps and navigation, finance and administration.

What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they'd like to volunteer with you? Phone Irene Cracknell 0439 829 429 or email