Stanley Rural Community Inc (SRCI)

Stanley School.png

How long have you been operating for? 10 years

Where are you located? Stanley

Tell us about the types of work you do: The purpose of SRCI is to support and develop a thriving resilient and sustainable community. SRCI is the Stanley community association which runs the Stanley Community Postal Agency and manages the Stanley School as a community hub. It also acts as a contact for the wider Stanley community with Local, State and Federal government and other agencies.

Tell us about how important volunteers are to your work: Apart from two paid part time staff, most of Postal Agency staff and all of our SRCI committee are volunteers. Without them, the Stanley community would lose a vital community resource. During 2020, the Community Postal Agency performed a vital function keeping the community connected safely.

What types of tasks do you need more volunteers for? Our Committee needs people interested in Stanley, and willing to be active in any of the committee roles. Postal Agency volunteers are also vital for two hour shifts mornings and afternoons on weekdays or Saturday mornings. Volunteers find this is a great way to get to know other residents and to contribute to the Stanley community. Training is offered and a Police Check is required.

What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they'd like to volunteer with you? Contact SRC Secretary by email