Stanley Athenaeum and Public Room


How long have you been operating for? Since 1856.

Where are you located? 2 Mount Stanley Road Stanley

Tell us about the types of work you do: The Friends of Stanley Athenaeum manage and maintain the Stanley Athenaeum building and collection. What our volunteers do is wide and diverse, there is something for everyone who would like to join the group. This is a community hub and social meeting place and all are welcome to contribute from simple housekeeping tasks to organising social events, reading and researching, cataloguing, scanning photographs and documents, developing exhibitions and talking to visitors.

Tell us about how important volunteers are to your work: Every volunteer is valued for what they have to offer, the Friends enable the Athenaeum to open to the public on a regular basis, they are vital to the continuing tradition of the Stanley Library as a cultural hub. They are important as they look after the collection and building and are the best advocates of the Athenaeum for the community and visitors.

What types of tasks do you need more volunteers for? Tasks and roles are an interest in books, history, learning new things, computer skills, reading and writing, filing, bookbinding, community networking, talking to people, or research. Enjoy the friendly, warm and comfortable amenity of the Stanley Athenaeum.

What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they'd like to volunteer with you? Contact Stanley Athenaeum by email or phone - 0458 606 922