Beechworth Salvation Army

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How long have you been operating for? The Thrift Shop has been in the town since the dawn of time.

Where are you located? 38 Ford Street Beechworth.

Tell us about the types of work you do: The Beechworth Salvation Army Thrift Shop sells donated goods to raise funds to assist those less fortunate with food, fuel, wood, furniture, clothing and anything else that makes their life easier. We cover the areas of Alpine and Indigo Shires. All money raised in the Shop less expenses is used for the above requirements and none of the money is sent to Melbourne Headquarters.

Tell us about how important volunteers are to your work: Without the work of the Volunteers there would not be any Thrift Shop and those in need would not get the help they needed. Paid staff are not an option as all money raised is required to help others.

What types of tasks do you need more volunteers for? We require volunteers to do the following with on the job training:

1. Working at the counter serving customers

2. Sorting and pricing goods for shelves and hanging clothing for the racks.

3. Pick up of donations from peoples houses i.e. furniture and home goods.

4. Placing goods in shop and ensuring the shop is dust free and organised.

5. Greet customers and assist them when required.

6. Salvocare persons to assist those who ask for assistance, interviews, assist with food etc. All this work with those in need is confidential.

What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they'd like to volunteer with you? Call into the shop and collect a volunteer pack. If they wish to look around as for Josie Cornish who will take you through all the positions available.