Adopt A Roadside

Adopt A Roadside.png

Ever wonder what those "Adopt-A-Roadside" signs are on your way through Indigo Shire? The Adopt a Roadside program is run by Keep Victoria Beautiful and Adopt a Roadside groups aim to reduce litter on Victoria's roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improves the quality of vegetation, and prevents soil degradation and erosion.

In Indigo Shire we are fortunate enough to have 40 volunteers who dedicate their valuable time to picking up litter in the Keep Victoria Beautiful Adopt a Roadside program. They keep 20 km of Indigo roadside beautiful for residents and visitors.

So next time you're out and about around the Shire, remember there are hundreds of volunteers throughout Victoria who dedicate their time to clean up our roads to keep Victoria truly beautiful. To join a group or start a new one, be sure to check out the Adopt a Roadside volunteer program on the Keep Victoria Beautiful website and start making a huge difference in our communities. You can also help reduce littering in Victoria by reporting littering from vehicles the EPA public report line.