1st Rutherglen Scout Group

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How long have you been operating for? 112 years

Where are you located? Rutherglen

Tell us about the types of work you do: 1st Rutherglen Scouts is all about having fun and adventure while learning valuable life skills.

Scouting encourages children to lead from as young as five years old. Members are allowed to make mistakes as they challenge themselves and work out how to be successful in adventures and in life. The older they become, the more responsibility they take for themselves and others.

Despite distractions from devices and screens, our membership is thriving. Young people still enjoy adventure and they can escape the pressures of everyday life by exploring outdoors.

Tell us about how important volunteers are to your work: 1st Rutherglen Scouts is made entirely of volunteers. Without them the children would not be able to learn, have adventures, make friends and support the community. We have a small group of dedicated people who work behind the scenes to try and keep the group alive.

There are also endless opportunities for all adults over 18 who step up into roles as Scout Leaders. Many of our 3500 adult Leaders are parents of members, but many are just energetic people who thrive in a positive, supportive atmosphere and enjoy helping young people be the best they can.

The personal satisfaction of helping young people to achieve their goals is immense, and your sense of personal achievement when you help them through a hurdle is nearly as strong as theirs!

Where else can you take part in abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, and countless other adventurous activities with wonderful company and low costs?

Scouting Leaders have incredible travel opportunities, interstate and overseas, to share discoveries with youth members.

And you’re never alone, with thousands of fellow Leaders to turn to in a giant, supportive network of friends.

What types of tasks do you need more volunteers for? Rutherglen Scout troop is always in need of more volunteers. Be it a leader, casual helpers, volunteers for fundraising events. It can be as big or as small as you like. It can be hands on or behind the scenes.

Our leaders are currently under quite a lot of pressure, so if you feel you could help in this space please feel free to contact us for more information. Our Facebook page is full of great information and links.

What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they'd like to volunteer with you? Either via our Facebook page or directly via email 1strutherglengl@gmail.com