Committees of Management

Sports Pavillion and grandstand

There is a wide range of recreational opportunities in our Shire with multipurpose facilities located in most of our major townships.

The majority of these facilities are managed by Committees of Management and Community members can nominate themselves for Section 86 Committees of Management by filling out the application form(PDF, 185KB) .

Committees of Management have the primary role to manage facilities such as recreation reserves and public halls on behalf of us and the community. A number of the Shire’s Recreation reserves are managed by DEWLP via Committees of Management and community members can nominates themselves to these committees as well.

All Committees of Management have delegated power to act on behalf of Council (or DELWP depending on the location). These powers are set out in the guidelines applying to the Committee Instrument of Delegation(PDF, 286KB).

We have also introduced a set of guidelines to assist and direct committees in their ongoing operation. These guidelines have been formally adopted by Council and form the basic requirements and directions for committees to observe.

To assist committees to meet these guidelines, the Special Committees of Management Manual(PDF, 845KB) has been produced to provide additional explanatory notes and advice on where to seek support and resources. 

All vacant Committees of Management positions are voluntary, and elections will be advertised externally.


Committees of Management application form(PDF, 185KB)

Special Committees of Management Manual(PDF, 845KB)

Committee Instrument of Delegation Guidelines(PDF, 286KB)