Rutherglen Age-Friendly Checklist

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Rutherglen Age-Friendly Checklist 

The Rutherglen Age-Friendly Checklist is now closed for input.

Thank you to everyone who has completed the Rutherglen Age-Friendly Checklist, your responses give Council valuable insights into what is needed in Rutherglen. 

The next steps are:

  1. Report written with the results from the Steering Group, Roaming Review and checklist responses
  2. Report made available on our website
  3. Data from the report will be provided to the Rutherglen Place Plan Steering Committee
  4. Issues arising from the checklist will be logged with the relevant Council officers for future planning

If you would like to leave a comment on your priorities for Rutherglen then please email at any time.

Earlier in the year, Rutherglen was selected as a pilot town for the North East Age-Friendly Checklist, an initiative of Age-Friendly Northeast. Creating age-friendly environments is crucial for communities to be places where older people can continue to develop personally, contribute to their communities, and age safely in a place that is right for them. Such places promote health, remove barriers to participation, and provide support to people experiencing losses in mental or physical capacity.

An Age-Friendly Checklist can assist with the first step in the process of creating age-friendly communities - understanding how aspects of community life enable, or create barriers, to healthy ageing. The outcomes of this checklist will help inform the Rutherglen Place Plan, as well as provide direction for Council on what residents see as the priorities for their town.