Community Sustainability Grants Program


This grant scheme has been running for three years and over time has adapted delivery to community response and environmental priorities.

As a response to evaluation of the previous rounds and feedback collected as part of the “Climate Emergency” action planning and “Emissions Reduction Plan” engagement process, the grant scheme has evolved to become the Community Sustainability Grant Program.  This grant scheme provides financial assistance to community groups and organisations to implement and build capacity for renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and climate change related projects.


The intention of the funding is to support:

  • Projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community and work towards a zero emissions future through; improved sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and supporting emerging emissions reduction technology.
  • Capital projects that reduce the energy costs for community facilities and strengthen their long term financial sustainability and climate adaptation.
  • Building capacity of community groups working towards sustainability outcomes aligned to Indigo Shire’s policies, plans and strategies.
  • Events and engagement activities that increase awareness and education within the community that promote a transition towards increased energy efficiency and sustainability, and a zero emissions future, including:
  • Raising community awareness of the relevance of climate change, the impacts it will have on our environment and way of life, and the opportunities it will present.
  • Encouraging participation in sustainability activities and events that enable a transition towards a zero emissions future.
  • Enabling community members to acquire or develop new skills in relation to increased sustainability and emissions reduction to promote continued action across our communities.

Council will notify the community when the next round of funding opens and the allocation for 2021/22