Community Sustainability Grants Program


This grant scheme has been running for three years and over time has adapted delivery to community response and environmental priorities.

As a response to evaluation of the previous rounds and feedback collected as part of the “Climate Emergency” action planning and “Emissions Reduction Plan” engagement process, the grant scheme has evolved to become the Community Sustainability Grant Program.  This grant scheme provides financial assistance to community groups and organisations to implement and build capacity for renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and climate change related projects.


The intention of the funding is to support:

  • Projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community and work towards a zero emissions future through; improved sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and supporting emerging emissions reduction technology.
  • Capital projects that reduce the energy costs for community facilities and strengthen their long term financial sustainability and climate adaptation.
  • Building capacity of community groups working towards sustainability outcomes aligned to Indigo Shire’s policies, plans and strategies.
  • Events and engagement activities that increase awareness and education within the community that promote a transition towards increased energy efficiency and sustainability, and a zero emissions future, including:
  • Raising community awareness of the relevance of climate change, the impacts it will have on our environment and way of life, and the opportunities it will present.
  • Encouraging participation in sustainability activities and events that enable a transition towards a zero emissions future.
  • Enabling community members to acquire or develop new skills in relation to increased sustainability and emissions reduction to promote continued action across our communities.

2021/22 Round

Indigo Shire Council’s 2021/22 round of Community Sustainability Grants open on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

To see if your organisation and project are eligible for funding, and for more information about the Grant streams, read the Grant Guidelines.(PDF, 1MB)

To apply, please use our SmartyGrants portal, or submit a paper application.(PDF, 296KB)

Grant recipients 2020/21

Group: Beechworth Toy Library

Project title: Beechworth Toy Library Relocation Fit Out and Re-Launch

Amount: $1000

Aims: To re-establish the Beechworth Toy Library, providing opportunities for families to re-use toys and build a community of families centred on the concepts of reduce and re-use. Beechworth Toy Library reduces consumption and waste sent to landfill, in turn reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with toy production, distribution, and decomposition in landfill. This project supports Indigo Shire Council’s objectives to reduce emissions, and to enhance community awareness and capacity around waste and energy issues.


Group: Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY)

Project title: Energised SES – installation of a 5kW Solar system at the Yackandandah SES Building

Amount: $7000 (Co-contribution: $4525)

Aims: To install a solar system generating on average 19kWh of electricity per day, eliminating an estimated 7.7 tonnes of GHG emissions per year. This project also saves the SES money on their electricity bill, which will be re-allocated to support local SES activities and capacity. Totally Renewable Yackandandah also plans to springboard from this project to provide uninterrupted power supply to community buildings housing essential services such as the SES. Together these outcomes support Indigo Shire Council’s objectives to reduce emissions and to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Group: Wooragee Landcare Group

Project title: How can you be a Carbon Capturer? (Event)

Amount: $1000

Aims: To deliver an event that helps community members learn how to capture carbon, encouraging soil health and enabling best management practices. This builds capacity in the community to understand and enable strategies for carbon capture on private land. These outcomes support Council’s objectives in climate change mitigation and adaptation, while building awareness and capacity within our community.


Group: Rutherglen Landcare Group

Project Title: Wildlife Garden Pop-up Stall

Amount: $1000

Aims: To hold a pop-up native plant give-away stall at Rutherglen’s main supermarket to promote and encourage the use of Australian native plants to community members. This builds knowledge and capacity of the community to embrace native plants for gardens, resulting is less water use, less pesticide and fertiliser use, more resilient gardens, and more suitable habitat and resources for native animals. By engaging the community on these issues, the project also shares knowledge and creates appreciation for Australian native plants in and ecosystems. This project supports Indigo Shire Council’s objectives to reduce water use, support biodiversity, and to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. This project was also an excellent example of building community awareness, knowledge and capacity in biodiversity preservation.


Group: Yackandandah Tennis Club

Project: Yack Tennis Club Court LED Lighting Upgrade

Amount: $9442 (Co-contribution: $17000 plus in-kind installation)

Aims: To install energy-efficient LED lighting, replacing halogen floodlights. This project reduces power consumption through energy efficiency, reduces toxic waste through longer-lasting, less polluting technology in the manufacture of the bulbs. Further, the upgrade produces energy bill and bulb-replacement cost-savings for all of the local clubs that share the costs for these lights (including Scouts, cricketers, soccer and badminton players, equestrian club members and hall users). This project supports Indigo Shire Council’s objectives by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reducing waste while raising sustainability awareness. Further, this project demonstrated excellence in collaboration across multiple user groups and organisations in securing the sizeable co-contribution for its completion.


Group: Bruarong Community Centre

Project: Protective sun awnings/blind for east facing windows

Amount: $557 (Co-contribution: $125)

Aims: To install a protective blind on the east-facing window of the Bruarong Hall, increasing the thermal efficiency of the building from spring though autumn. The installation reduces direct sunlight warming the hall and is a simple way to reduce cooling costs and associated emissions whilst increasing user comfort and awareness of low-tech sustainability solutions. The reduction of intense solar radiation entering the building also protects internal fixtures against UV and heat damage. This project supports Indigo Shire Council’s objectives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and to raise sustainability awareness and capacity in our communities.