Community Sustainability Grant Program

Six pairs of hands in soil, each cupping a seedling

We're committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing our natural and built environment and to promoting sustainable living, and one way we do this, is through our annual Community Sustainability Grants Program.

This program aims to support eligible not-for-profit community groups and organisations to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our collective efforts to achieve a net zero emissions future;
  • Build community capacity to adapt to climate change; and
  • Strengthen the long-term financial sustainability of community organisations.

Find out more about the types of projects that have been successful in past funding rounds by heading to Our Climate Action website.

At its 31 October 2023 meeting, Council approved funding to five local organisations, which will share in $20,000 under the 2023/24 funding round.

Organisation  Project   Funding amount 
Totally Renewable Beechworth Home Sweet Zero: Home Energy Efficiency training The project funds will be used by to train five Indigo Shire residents to conduct volunteer home energy efficiency inspections.  $4,530
Indigo U3A Incorporated Keep the warmth in and the weather out The project aims to mitigate heat loss/gain through the building's windows and glass doors by installing blinds on all glassed areas. $1,565
Quercus Beechworth Neighbourhood House Adaptation of Quercus garden to sustainably meet a changing climate The project will enhance the Quercus food gardens and reduce exposure of volunteers and visitors to increasing climatic extremes.  $3,182
Beechworth Community Child Care Centre Inc. Water tank utilisation

The project will plumb an existing water tank so that rainwater can be used on the garden and in the centre

Osbornes Flat Community Centre Inc. Osbornes Flat's Community Resilience Future  The project will install a 16.56 kWh solar battery and single-phase generator plug for portable generator connection at the Osbornes Flat Community Hall. $9,000