Outdoor dining

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We are continuing to support our hospitality businesses to expand their outdoor dining capacity during COVID restrictions. Support is still available, in a limited capacity, until 30 June 2021. Contact:

Ross Smith
Business Support – Recovery Projects Officer
0492 958 406

What we've achieved so far

The highlights from the project to date (June 2021) include:

  • Temporary furniture installations, to replace hire furniture, for outdoor eating outside the old milk bar and bee school (corner Camp and Ford Streets) in Beechworth;
  • Temporary furniture installations including umbrellas, to replace hire furniture, for outdoor eating in High Street Yackandandah (supplied by local company Steel Road Custom Furniture);
  • 20 street performances across the four main townships during January as part of the entertainment program with the added bonus of supporting local artists after a challenging period during COVID where paid performances came to a standstill;
  • Indigo Ambassador program providing a visual presence on weekends in support of businesses, residents and visitors;
  • Refresh of planter boxes in Beechworth, Chiltern and Rutherglen to improve the street appeal and the outdoor dining/eating environment;
  • Minor streetscape improvements such as umbrellas in Gollings Square in Rutherglen
  • Appointment of a consultant (Regional Design Service in conjunction with Outsider Projects of Yackandandah) to undertake the streetscape audits and recommend streetscape improvements; and
  • Appointment of a consultant (Outsider Projects) to undertake the planning of the Rutherglen Outdoor Eating and Events space.
  • Revamp, including seating and umbrellas, of Martins Lane in Chiltern to facilitate additional outdoor eating capacity;
  • Implementation of streetscape plans including new barriers in Rutherglen to facilitate outdoor dining and other consultant recommendations;
  • Delivery of the entertainment program for March to June 2021;

Looking ahead, activity will continue, including:

  • Streetscape Plans for Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen and Yackandandah;
  • Stage 1 construction of the Rutherglen Outdoor Eating and Events space; and
  • Additional furniture installations (Beechworth and Rutherglen) as identified.