Keep Growing Your Business

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Participants of Grow Your Business now have the opportunity to take part in extension program, Keep Growing Your Business. Facilitated by business strategist and communicator Mary-Anne Scully, the program will allow business operators to feel supported in enacting the learnings from the Grow Your Business program. 

Mary-Anne will lead the group through one, 90 minute session per month taking a look into one of the topics covered in Grow Your Business. As a collective you will have the opportunity to discuss what is and is not working for your business and determine the next priority to Keep Growing Your Business.  

Minimum numbers are required for the program to proceed, this program is free of charge and is made possible through the Business Support Program. 

Would you be interested in taking part?


Mary-Anne Scully is an experienced business strategist and communicator who strives to support and guide people that want to achieve genuine and sustainable social, economic and environmental change. She connects enterprising people, helps start-ups get ideas off the ground, communicates stories of change, and generates trust networks to deliver sustainable business opportunities.