Outdoor activation


In September 2020, the Victorian Government committed funding of $29.5 million to local councils to help them implement swift and streamlined permit, enforcement and monitoring processes to support expanded outdoor dining through the Local Councils Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package project. As part of the funding, Indigo Shire rolled out a range of initiatives from pop up outdoor eating areas to street entertainment and the waiving of outdoor eating fees.

In November 2021, the Victorian Government committed an additional $40 million to support hospitality businesses and a broad range of industries that have been severely impacted by COVID restrictions (such as gyms, creative businesses, personal/beauty services, and non-essential retail) through the COVID Safe Outdoor Activation Fund 2021 Parts A and B - Part A ($150 000) being for projects of a temporary nature while Part B ($150 000) is for projects of a more permanent nature.

For more information on how to access the COVIDSafe Outdoor Activation Voucher Program please visit Business Victoria.

What we've achieved so far

Highlights from the COVID Safe Outdoor Activation Fund (Part A) to date include:

  • Waiver of outdoor eating fees in 2022 for all businesses with existing permits:
  • Over 30 street performances during 2022 supporting local artists and providing great atmosphere in the streets;
  • Further temporary furniture installations across the shire;
  • Streetscape improvements including planter box maintenance and Christmas street decorations; and
  • Support for markets, gyms and businesses outside the main shopping precincts.

Highlights from the COVID Safe Outdoor Activation Fund (Part B) to date include:

  • Completion of the Rutherglen outdoor eating space at the Visitor Information Centre;
  • Planning for Stage 2 of the Martins Lane project in Chiltern;
  • Planning for additional outdoor eating spaces in Beechworth; and
  • A new outdoor eating space in Yackandandah
    • Community engagement was undertaken in April / May 2022 to determine the preferred design of a new pavilion in Yackandandah adjacent to the Community Centre. Over 100 responses were received from the community, in addition to consultation with Yackandandah businesses and our Heritage Advisor.

      From the original proposals a combination of concepts 1A & B was identified as the most preferred design option, along with a number of changes. Based on this feedback, and incorporating the below changes, we've developed a new design:

      • Structure will be 3m x 5m – 3m across the street and 5m running down the driveway to the community centre
      • Roofline will run perpendicular to the existing buildings based on heritage footprint advice
      • Majority of the front garden bed, including rockwork, will be retained. Council will work with the garden club to ensure that what is removed is saved
      • Material of the roof to be changed to galvanised metal
      • Coloured bollards will run across only wall at the rear and will be in heritage colours
      • Noticeboard will be retained
      • Changed footprint will allow for local business signage visibility 

      An artist's impression of the updated design can be viewed below:

      Support of this updated design has also been obtained from our Heritage Advisor.

      We'll keep you updated on when construction will begin and would like to thank everyone involved for your valuable feedback on this project.