IndiGrow Application Form


All applications will be assessed by a selection panel and a recommendation based on selection criteria will be made to Council’s June 2020 meeting.
You will be advised of the progress of your application throughout the process however please contact Guy Wilkinson with any questions on 03 5728 8058.

IndiGrow’s ambition: Sustainable growth and prosperity for all of Indigo Shire.

Position Descriptions:


  1. Draft annual goals for review and approval by the committee.
  2. Develop meeting agendas (with executive support) and lead meetings.
  3. Facilitate in-meeting discussions that:
    • Prioritise strategic issues for committee review
    • Ensure an understanding of issues by all committee members
    • Ensure a balanced and equitable contribution of intelligence from the committee and subject matter contributors
    • Lead to fact based decision making regarding recommendations and actions that improve the strategic imperative
  4. Ensure committee work is pursued between meetings.
  5. Review and approve committee reports.
  6. Assign tasks to committee members.
  7. Serve as liaison between the committee and Council and the committee and Community.
  8. Where appropriate, make recommendations to Council with due consideration of strategic, operational and resourcing implications of those recommendations.
  9. Attend and report to Council annually.

Committee Member

  1. Review meeting agendas and working documents prior to meetings
  2. Contribute to committee meetings via attendance or remote submission
  3. Pursue tasks delegated by Chair, sub-committee or working group in accordance with agreed standards and timelines
  4. Liaise with industry and community on committee matters, as appropriate, to generate high levels of market intelligence in information gathering and sharing.
  5. Contribute expertise and experience to ensure cross-shire, cross-sector benefit
  6. Contribute to the strategic prioritisation of discussion items and work plans
  7. Contribute expertise and opinion as appropriate to make effective decisions and recommendations