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Sustainable growth and prosperity for all of Indigo Shire.

IndiGrow is Council’s economic advisory committee. Through IndiGrow, local business leaders provide strategic advice to Council to drive sustainable economic growth.

IndiGrow comprises members of Council and Indigo’s business community who meet quarterly to identify economic opportunities that improve the financial, social and environmental capacity of Indigo’s businesses.

The committee provides accessible representation for industry to work with Council to advocate for sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all of Indigo Shire.

Committee Structure

The committee's structure acknowledges the close working relationship between Council and industry and comprises representatives including Council staff, Councillors and business leaders from across the shire and across the economy. 

View the Terms of Reference(PDF, 806KB) .


The objectives of IndiGrow are to: 

  • Build a communications structure for a two-way dialogue between Council, Industry and other levels of Government
  • Provide advice and expertise to support and inform Council's economic policy development and State and Federal Policy agendas.
  • Identify future and emerging strategic opportunities for priority allocation of resources.
  • Identify and recommend priority areas for grant funding support from various Government and Non-Government sources.
  • Identify and recommend future budget priorities for Council.
  • Develop Industry through identifying critical gaps in skills and knowledge and prioritising developmental initiatives. 


IndiGrow meetings are held on the first Wednesday each quarter, at 6pm in the Council Chambers and by Zoom. The meeting dates for 2021 are 1 September and 1 December. Contact the secretariat for the Zoom link.

For further information contact Guy Wilkinson, Economic Development and Investment Coordinator on (03) 5728 8000.