Digital Capacity Project

The Business Support Program is partnering with Startup Shakeup to deliver the Digital Capacity Project. which will be delivered throughout North East Victoria.

Digital inclusion is necessary for small business operators in order to succeed in the new online world. The project aims to challenge the region's poor rating in digital access, affordability, and ability. While regional demographic digital literacy information from the Australian Digital Inclusion Index is available, the project now requires anecdotal information about the digital literacy of those in the business sector.

The Digital Capacity Project aims to:

  • Understand the digital capacity of those working in our SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises).
  • Develop a program of events, workshops, seminars and support services to address areas of biggest need.

This project will define the regional agenda for digital upskilling, central to our economic recovery and revitalisation.

The project has been made possible through funding from the Victorian Government’s Regional Digital Fund and the Mansfield and Indigo Shire Councils. The project is supported in partnership with The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society at RMIT, the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne and Telstra.

Complete survey

If you’d like further information or to complete the survey over the phone, please contact Startup Shakeup Digital Literacy Facilitator, Bree at

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