Managing your business through a Crisis

Indigo Shire Council has engaged award winning business coach, Jamie Cunningham to deliver a series of three webinars. ‘Managing your business through a crisis’ will provide you with the tools required to communicate with stakeholders, manage your cash flow and consider what opportunities this crisis can give your business. All sessions have now past, with recordings available through the below links.

Money management(CLICK Link for video)

  • How to forecast sales and profitability (or lack of).
  • How to forecast your cash flow (tools included).
  • Understanding the government subsidies and financial options available to you.
  • Making tough decisions.
  • Tools and techniques to manage your mindset
  • Understanding the drivers to your mental and emotional health (and what you can do about it)

Managing Relationships (CLICK Link for video)

  • Learn how and what to communicate with your:
  • Team
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Financiers 
  • Remote working options, strategies and considerations
  • The key questions to ask
  • Understanding your supply chain beyond the 1st tier of supply
  • How to approach marketing (if at all)
  • Managing debt
  • Negotiating with banks and other lenders

Business models & Opportunities (CLICK Link for video)

  • How to know when your business model needs to change.
  • How to spot opportunities unique to your environment
  • Questions to help you think long term strategic vs. short term tactical.
  • Partnership opportunities that now make sense.


Jamie Cunningham.jpgJamie Cunningham is a business coach, author and speaker, who delivers a realistic and energy-driven educational experience that audiences can relate to. With real-life examples and clear formulas that are easy to understand, Jamie makes it easy for business owners to make changes that will pave the path to growth success. Regularly sought-after for his business advice, Jamie brings a trademark wit, humour and resilience to his presentations that is only outmatched by his expertise as a business owner and coach.