Must Love Dogs B&B, Rutherglen

The premise for this B & B is simple – you must love dogs. Because owners Christine and Charlie French certainly do.
The boutique accommodation is home to four dogs - Princess, a great dane, Coco Chanel and Leo, Malteses, and Freddy, a chihuahua cross.
They also welcome guests’ dogs as they travel through Rutherglen.
The Frenchs moved to Rutherglen in 2010 to renovate the Globe Hotel.
“My hubby was in his mid-70s and we decided not to take on another renovation,” Christine says.
They were seeking out a new path as big renovation projects like they had been doing were no longer suitable.
Inspiration struck when she was watching a movie. Can you guess which one?
Charlie was not so keen.
His response: “Not while I live and breathe.”
“But the rest is history,” Christine laughs.
“It’s been a lovely little retirement hobby.”
Apart from dogs, they also love to talk and entertain their guests. Charlie cooks a beautiful breakfast for guests each day.
Surprisingly only 80 per cent of guests had dogs with them – others just liked having them around.
And they get a lot of international guests too. They can’t bring their pets with them, but they like being surrounded by them.
Their passion and enthusiasm for a chat hasn’t dampened, but their clientele is changing.
“At the start we had more mature guests, aged more than 40 but now it’s a genuine mix,” Christine says.
“There’s a really healthy group in their late 20s.
“When it comes to their dog they say, ‘this is my baby, we’re not having kids’.”
These guests often say it’s the first time they’ve been to a B & B.
“It’s not an old place that smells like lavender with floral bedspreads which is a surprise to them,” Christine says.