Lake Sambell Caravan Park, Beechworth


Roger and Sue Humphris, of Beechworth Lake Sambell Caravan Park, believe the element of surprise is a winner with their guests.

The couple says their park – which features 17 ensuite cabins, 50 powered and approximately 100 unpowered sites – has a point of difference due to the extra features which continue to impress guests.

“We try not to oversell ourselves when it comes to what we offer – we don’t over-promise, but we do over-deliver,” Sue says.

“This focus on customer service works well for us – people come in and get a nice surprise about what the park has to offer and they get friendly service, we chat to them as we go about our business and we focus on the customer from the first interaction.”

Sue says extras such as activities for children and excellent amenities supported what the park offers.

“If people arrive in caravans, our staff escort them to their site and help guide them into their caravan bay which makes things easier for them, and better for us – lots of people comment on how beneficial that is,” she said.

“Families and their children are our focus and that is really working in our favour,” she said.

“The other thing we offer as a point of difference is that we allow pets in the park and that has really helped boost our business.”

She said one of the big advantages the park had was its friendly staff, with both the full-time managers and assistant managers living on site.

“With staff, we have had highs and lows over the years but now have a great team in place and everyone enjoys working together – we believe if you look after your employees, they will look after your business, you have to look after your people, making sure they get regular breaks and give them autonomy in their role.

“The other thing we are doing well is asking for customer feedback – we love hearing from guests about ways we can improve our park and think that really helps guide us on making good business decisions.”