Kiewa Veterinary Clinic


VETS Joe and Mieka Skuse once spent 24 long hours doing around the clock caesareans in a bid to save the lives of a head of cattle in the North East.

But the husband and wife team, who run the Kiewa Vet Clinic, shake off the accolades as all in a day’s work for the busy team.

“A bull had caused some pregnancies it shouldn’t have, so we had some heifers who were having trouble calving,” Joe said.

“We have to induce some early and also render assistance to avoid any heifer fatalities.”

Moving to the North East four years ago from Toowoomba, the couple run two clinics servicing the Kiewa, Mitta and Tallangatta Valleys as well as Bethanga, Leneva, Yackandandah and Bullioh.

“We look after a combination of small animals like dogs and cats, as well as farm animals like beef and dairy cattle, and some equine work and a small amount of sheep work,” said Joe.

Joe said the pair enjoyed working in North East Victoria.

“We have a reliable rainfall here which means a positive flow-on effect for farm production and animals,” he said.

“The general farming community here are really great to work with.

“We are really lucky to live where we do and the weather and rainfall does help the district when other parts of the country are doing it really tough in terms of drought and their animals.”

The pair spent a considerable amount of time on the road visiting farms and tending to livestock.

“We try to mix it up a little but we do spend a lot of time travelling around the valleys which is great,” Joe said.

“Mieka plays a bigger role in this as well as she is a vet as well as spending a lot of time raising our two boys.”