Hub 26, Chiltern

For the Peters family of Chiltern, their small business is all about happiness.
Hub 62, located in the former Masonic Lodge, has become a central place for the town, using the motto of “happiness lives here”.
Owners are Colin and Debbie Peters, along with their daughter Amy, who says that that café has grown a strong reputation for using local produce and having some quirky features.
“We are really proud to be a family-run business,” Amy says.
“Mum and Dad bought the Masonic Lodge, which was not being used and was falling apart, and it was an art gallery for about four years.
“We extended the business in 2015 and built on the café and opened in December that year and have been going ever since.”
With art featuring both outside and in, and testaments to the Wizard of Oz – including a large mural of Dorothy – there is an emphasis on fun to the business.
Hub 62 has quickly become a must-see for Chiltern locals and visitors.
“Our point of difference with our business has been about having a bit of fun – we have a yellow brick road which people can skip up and we have a big shipping container which we have painted bright yellow and we say we are the home of the big yellow brick, which people just love,” Amy says.
“There are lots of big things in many country towns across Australia and we thought having a big yellow brick was just something different and a way of not taking ourselves too seriously.”
Amy says the works of local artists inside and outside the café, as well as using local staff and local suppliers, has allowed them to support other businesses.
“I think our motto of ‘happiness lives here’ is something we really display – as soon as a customer comes in, we are on to making them try to be as happy as possible with good customer service, good food and good local coffee.”
Amy says local cook, Alex Douglas, who joined the business last August, has also added to Hub 62’s reputation.
“We just keep supporting the town as best we can, buying local – using the local supermarket, butcher, baker and so on – and keeping it simple and successful,” she says.