Glass Family Dairy, Gundowring

For the Glass family of Gundowring, trying new things has been the key to success.

The 652-hectare dairy farm is now managed by Brendan and Sarah Glass, who have taken over the day-to-day operations from Brendan’s parents, Kerrie and Pat in recent years.

Brendan says the farm had been a family operation for 12 years.

“We’ve done pretty well because we have had a lot of support from people along the way and we haven’t been afraid to open up to new things,” he says.

“There’s always new technology out there and you have to be prepared to invest some money into things which help you out in the long run.”

The dairy has 530 registered Holstein-Friesian cows.

One of the turning points for the family was taking part in the Murray Dairy Focus Farms Project, which helps farmers better understand farm business systems and to analyse the impact of on-farm development, as well as the impact seasonal changes have on milk price and climate.

“Doing that a couple of years ago was probably a bit of a turning point for us as it gave us the drive to take a few chances on things,” Brendan says.

During the project, the Glass family worked closely with dairy farm consultant John Mulvany who spoke to them at length about the transition in management from Pat and Kerrie over to Brendan and Sarah.

“We had always been pretty profitable, but this just showed us ways to improve and how we could make sure that the changes were good for everyone,” Brendan says.

“I think running a good business is all about listening and learning.”