Beechworth Cyclery


BY his own admission, Travis Hunt is cycle mad.

The title puts him in great stead as the owner of Beechworth Cyclery, located in the Old Beechworth Jail.

“I left school at 16 to become a bike mechanic as I am cycle mad, I ride anything from mountain bikes to road bikes … bikes are bikes,” Travis said.

“I was always on bikes as a young kid, riding anything and everything so I thought it was a good idea to make a job out of that passion.”

Originally from Gippsland and with a 12-year stint working as a bike mechanic in Melbourne, Travis chose a move to North East Victoria primarily for the extensive biking infrastructure it offered.

“The reason we moved here is because of cycling,” he said

“This is a cyclist wonderland, it really is.

“Bike riders are spoilt in this part of the world – you can go somewhere different to cycle in under an hour.

“From mountain biking, to road and gravel, it’s all here, you can do anything.”

Judging by the demands for his services the bike industry is alive and well in Beechworth.

Travis services an average of two bikes a day and works six days a week.

That equates to more than 600 bikes serviced each year by just Travis alone.

His workshop is a mecca of bike parts, wheels and labours of love as he toils away to ensure each bike he services or repairs is completed to his own five-star standard.

“Cycling is definitely more popular than it was 10 years ago,” he said.

“There is better infrastructure and the development of rail trails has made a real difference to this.

“People are travelling to Beechworth, Bright, Falls Creek and Mt Buller to name a few to ride bikes – we are pretty spoilt.”