Industries and economic development


Indigo Shire boasts productive agricultural enterprises, renowned wine growing in the highlands and lowlands of the Shire, a celebrated box ironbark National Park in the centre, the green rolling hills of dairy farming in the east and rugged, granite outcrops remanet of the once lucrative goldfields in the south.

Industry in our Shire is mainly rural in nature including agriculture, viticulture and horticulture. Agricultural value adds are also a strong contributor to the local economy. Our heritage streetscapes form the backdrop for retail businesses and thriving town centres are at the heart of the Shire’s small business economy. 

The Economic Development Strategy is a five-year strategy that provides direction for Indigo Shire to build on its economic strengths, while supporting the economy through leadership and collaboration.

Note: This document is in draft at present and is expected to be approved in late-2018 by Council.

It is reflective of a bold vision for the Council - "To be known as one of the top 10 most desired locations to live, work and invest in Victoria".

Through investment in our local towns and our communities and by supporting innovation, we can capitalise on growth opportunities and strengthen our local economy.

At the heart of this strategy is the belief that our role in the region is vital, and that we can improve our economy and quality of life without losing any of Indigo Shire’s distinctive characteristics.

Our economic development principles

  • Clean and green: Indigo Shire will support business initiatives which are in keeping with maintaining our pristine environment
  • Future focused: We will focus on the opportunities of the future
  • Adaptable and responsive: The nature of economic development is often opportunistic, and we will be flexible to respond to opportunities when they arise
  • Diversity: We will encourage and support a diverse and resilient economy
  • Collaborative: We will seek opportunities to collaborate regionally with the public and private sectors.

Are you interested in opening a business in Indigo Shire? Our Economic Development Unit can help by providing:

  • Support to existing businesses through training and networking opportunities
  • Assistance to existing businesses wishing to expand
  • Support to prospective and existing businesses with business planning
  • Connection to the local community, economy and business associations
  • Links to Council departments including planning, building and environmental health
  • Access to statistical information and economic modelling software
  • Referral to business support and mentoring agencies
  • Assistance with funding opportunities
  • Managing projects of local significance.