Signage permits and guidelines

Signage permits and guidelines

Usually you need a planning permit to display an advertising sign. There are different categories of signage defined in the Indigo Planning Scheme such as:

  • Bunting signs – includes bunting, streamers, flags, windvanes, or the like
  • Business identification signs – a sign that provides business identification information about a business or industry on the land where it is displayed. The information may include the name of the business or building, the street number of the business premises, the nature of the business, a business logo or other business identification information
  • Direction signs – a sign not exceeding 0.3 square metre that directs vehicles or pedestrians. It does not include a sign that contains commercial information and/or
  • Bed and Breakfast sign – a sign at a dwelling that advertises bed and breakfast accommodation in the dwelling.

Planning schemes require that if a sign can be interpreted in more than one way, the most restrictive requirement must be met.

Signage controls are further split into different categories and the zones specify which category of control applies in different areas. For example, sign controls in residential and rural areas are more restrictive (in terms of type, quantity and size of signs permissible), than sign controls in business or industrial areas.

Most commercial areas in Indigo Shire are also covered by the provisions of the heritage overlay. This can place additional requirements on the placement, proportion and style of signage permitted.

If you would like to display signage, please fill in a planning permit application form.