How can I save on waste charges?

Sort your load

You can save money and time and help the environment by sorting your load before you leave home:

Pack your trailer so the attendant can easily see what is in your load:

  • Separate items that cost from items that are free
  • Put the bigger items in first and pack smaller items in the gaps
  • Flatten cardboard boxes
  • Separate recyclable from non-recyclable
  •  Separate general rubbish that can’t be recycled
  • Pack similar materials together.

Tips to recycle

Australian households and businesses are still sending almost 22 million tonnes of waste to landfill each year. That's equivalent in weight to 416 Sydney Harbour Bridges being buried! Test your recycling knowledge and find out ways you can improve your recycling habits at home, at work and at school.

View some of the resources available to promote the recycle message at the Keep Australia Beautiful website.