Section 34 of Local Law 3 outlines how Council will receive petitions.

Every petition must be in writing and contain both the request of the petitioners and the reason for the petition on each page that signatures are collected.

Petitions must be presented at the Council meeting by a Councillor. The Councillor is required to:

  • identify the petitioners by general description,
  • advise the meeting as to the number of signatories,
  • read out the petition to the meeting,
  • endorse the number of signatories on the top of the petition and sign it, and
  • may move "That the petition be received" and any other administrative action appropriate.

Any Officer’s report on the subject of the petition may be dealt with immediately following the receipt of the petition.

A response to the petition will be made in writing and addressed to the person who appears as the first signatory.  A copy of the response will be sent to all Councillors and may be included in a future agenda as business arising from the meeting.