Local Law No. 1 - Streets and Roads

Local Law No. 1(PDF, 318KB)

 This Local Law regulates the use of Council streets and roads and covers:

Management of roads for traffic

  • Trees and plants not to obstruct or obscure
  • Obstructions to roads, placing of signs and posts
  • Council to approve road names
  • Changes to road names
  • Record of road names
  • Advice to Registrar of Geographic Names
  • Signs to advise of road names
  • Property numbers to be displayed
  • Advice to other organisations
  • A vehicle Crossing is required
  • Constructing, removing or altering a vehicle crossing
  • Temporary vehicle crossings
  • Redundant vehicle crossings

Control of vehicles and animals on road

  • Restriction of use
  • Notice of proposal
  • Submissions
  • Signposting of prohibition or restriction
  • Other approvals
  • Permits for use of heavy vehicles on restricted roads
  • Urgent action
  • Leaving shopping trolleys
  • Abandoned shopping trolleys
  • Use of toy vehicles
  • Impounding of toy vehicles
  • Riding or leading horses on reservations and in public reserves
  • Parking in residential areas
  • Consideration of permits

Secondary activities on roads

  • Erecting or placing advertising signs
  • Permits for advertising signs
  • Impounding signs
  • Roadside trading
  • Regulation of trading sites
  • Locating goods for sale
  • Display of Vehicles for sale
  • A permit is required
  • Use of outdoor eating facility
  • Removing an outdoor eating facility
  • Itinerant traders
  • Placing bulk rubbish containers
  • Placing charitable collection bins
  • Road occupation for works
  • Repair of vehicles is prohibited
  • Removal of substances
  • Permitted roads
  • Street parties, street festivals and processions
  • Collections
  • Busking and street entertainment

Management of parking

  • Resident parking scheme
  • Removing, impounding and wheel clamping of unlawfully parked vehicles
  • Other obstructions
  • Notice to the owner
  • Surrender of vehicles
  • Power to sell or give away
  • Public safety to be considered


  • Applying for a permit
  • Fees
  • Issue of permits
  • Duration of permits
  • Conditional permits
  • Cancellation of a permit
  • Correction of permits
  • Registers
  • Service authorities
  • Exemptions
  • Offences
  • Delegation
  • Power of authorised officers to direct notice to comply
  • Time to comply
  • Failure to comply with a notice to comply
  • Power of authorised officer to act in urgent circumstances
  • Power of authorised officer to impound
  • Infringement notices
  • Payment of penalty

Schedule 1

  • Penalties fixed for infringements