Chiltern Courthouse Committee of Management


This Committee manages and coordinates the use of the Chiltern Courthouse buildings.


 This Committee's functions and responsibilities are:

  1. Cleaning and general maintenance of the premises.
  2. Hiring procedures of the buildings.
  3. To establish appropriate accounting procedures.


Instrument of Delegation

Instrument-of-Delegation-Chiltern-Community-Centre-Courthouse-Committee-of-Management-Adopted-October-2013.pdf(PDF, 1MB)


 Chairperson  Bill Hotson
 Deputy Chair  Sharon Duke
 Secretary & Treasurer  Lois Hotson
 Committee Patricia O'Connor, Christine Hay, Laurie Bould, Diana Dogan, Cathy Harkin, Stephen Masters



Meetings for 2019: 2 May, 6 June, 1 August, 3 October, 5 December. For 2020: 6 February, 2 April, 4 June, 6 August.

Meetings are held at 7pm at the Chiltern Community Centre.

Meeting dates and times can change without notice – please check any details with Customer Service on 1300 365 003.



Note: minutes are unconfirmed until the next committee meeting.