Beechworth Servicemen's Memorial Hall Committee of Management


To manage and coordinate the use of the Beechworth Servicemen's Memorial Hall.



This Committee's functions and responsibilities are:

  1. To manage the Beechworth Servicemen's Memorial Hall, Supper Room and Kitchen for, and on behalf of, the Council for the benefit of the Beechworth community.
  2. To ensure the premises comply with current health and safety regulations.
  3. To be responsible for interior routine maintenance of the building and its contents, and all financial obligations that may arise.
  4. To maintain appropriate accounting procedures, policies and reports to Council when it is deemed necessary.

Instrument of Delegation 

Instrument of Delegation - Beechworth Memorial Hall(PDF, 1MB)


 Chairperson  John Eldrid
 Secretary Iris Mannick
 Treasurer Julius Holt
 Committee Members Jill Jarvis-Wills, Anne Wilson, Mervyn  McDougal



For 2019: 9 October, 11 December.

For 2020: 12 February, 8 April, 10 June, 12 August (AGM and general meeting)

Meetings are held at 7pm in the Supper Room.

Meeting dates and times can change without notice – please check any details with Customer Service on 1300 365 003.



Note: minutes are unconfirmed until the next committee meeting.