Atauro Island Friendship Committee


To assist in developing relationships between the sub-district of Atauro Island in Timor-Leste and Indigo Shire Council.


This Committee's functions and responsibilities are:

  1. To assist the Atauro Island community in areas such as accommodating and training student teachers and tourism students in the English language, and to also possibly assist with advice on tourism ventures and opportunities.
  2. To assist in developing the partnership at both the local government and community level.
  3. To establish long term and short term goals for establishing skills and services on Atauro Island.
  4. To work toward strengthening the communities of Atauro Island, and initiatives should aim to build capabilities and advance the self sufficiency of the people of Atauro Island, and be consistent with the principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

 Instrument of Delegation

Instrument of Delegation - Atauro Island Friendship Committee(PDF, 1MB)


Chairperson  Rob Porter
Secretary Libby Hosking  
 Treasurer Irene Cracknell   
 Committee members Frances Walsh, Leslie Milne, Peter Croucher & Mark Verbaken 



Meetings are held every second month. For locations contact Customer Service on 1300 365 003.

Meeting dates and times can change without notice – please check any details with Customer Service on 1300 365 003.


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Note: minutes are unconfirmed until the next committee meeting.